Pay-Rolls & Employment Law

Our Firm will assist you with advising you and legally recommending you what type of working contracts you should offer to those people that you hire or work with at all times and depending on each case’s circumstances.

We will obviously advice you and your business firm about all what it follows:

  • How completing the offer contract.
  • How getting every employee’s contract registered.
  • How proceeding with every one of the employees at the end of each month, and tax year.
  • How proceeding with every member of staff effective hours of work, and official registration of them each month in case of inspection.
  • How proceeding with resigning contracts if business relation falls out and contract has to be terminated.
  • How much every contract to every employee will cost you in Social Security contributions and Income tax retentions at source made on behalf of each employee.
  • How proceeding in case of being inspected by the Social Security authorities.
  • How proceeding with all formal obligations every time that documents must be signed between the parties and registered at the authorities.
  • How proceeding with employees’ absence at work with no reasons.
  • How proceeding and assisting your staff in getting them registered locally at the closest medical centres for working accident purposes.
  • How proceeding on behalf of both employer and employees in case of disability administrative applications towards the County Social Affairs department and Social Security offices.
  • How taking advantage of important reductions in Social Security payments in each ones of the individual circumstances that we treat with depending family relation, % of shares % of participation in the business, etc.